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Too Many Miles from Austin

there's sumthin' gratifying about knowing that you are the only one you can count on... that you got to be self sustaining and constantly gaining knowledge... even if it is at a remarkably slow pace. when the day is done and it's just you and the birds and the wind rustling the trees... it's nice to know you've still got yerself... you've still got a mind. so i try not drink too much and i try not to talk too much. both just get you into trouble anyway... and i'm not into drama these days. not into much at all these days to tell the truth.  some of us have to be the engine, some of us the trunk and others... the hood ornament. right now i guess i'm a backseat floormat, hoping to jesus i don't get stepped on too much. i'm just glad i'm along for the ride and that i somehow managed to include sumtin' about the merican automobile in this paragraph. proud? yes sirree.  

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Live in Chicago @ Hotti Biscotti 8/10/07


This is an EP: