** Disclaimer: Ranting includes all of the rampant cussing, screaming, and blatant idiocy that  you'd expect of something using that namesake. Enjoy! **

Hey! Let's jerk off and accomplish jack shit!

(1/21/05) - Goddamn do hippies irritate the fuck out of me. "What's reality?"

What a great discussion. Let's ramble on there for the next lifetime about that shit. Let's fucking contemplate that until my body is infirm and useless and capable of nothing but burden to any kids I've procreated or friends stupid enough to stick with me.

Contemplate reality. What is believing in capitalism or shamanism really all about?

A 10 year old kid with a 100 pound bag of coffee wrapped around his head walking down off a mountain in Guatemala to sell it for a walloping $0.65 while yuppies at Starbucks down it for $5 a cup, that kid is really worried about the "nature" of reality.

What do these worthless liberal arts degrees teach us? How to answer a "yes" or "no" question with a two hour answer that contains everything but "yes" or "no" while that fucking kid continues to hall shit off a mountain and only dream of that bullshit education in a country that is overrun with culture and simultaneously culturally devoid.

It's like our country gears us for war, but there's no just war to be had. A culture war to destroy ourselves, but the culture war is lead and run by people that are far, far beyond that coffee house bullshit of pseudo-intellectual masturbation (Can anyone say Weyrich?). People who are against-freedom of speech, against-niggers, against-public education that actually educates kids to tell them our country is not so egalitarian that you, yes really you, can be president and not that you actually have to be part of a fucking monetary Skull & Bones dynasty like George W. Bush or John Kerry to be president or even part of a dynasty to be in stupid showbiz like Liv Tyler, or Liza Minnelli, or Keifer Sutherland, or even Kelly Osbourne. It's bullshit!  And please!  Why Paris Hilton?

Go on! Emmerse yourself in bullshit. You think that will solve anything. The US is worse than the old countries. Hard work pays squat. Ask the baby-boomers who we'll shell out ludicrously for to pay their promised social security because the ruling class has spent the money they earned and the government "set aside" (oh, wait.  It's gonna be privatized).

Ineffectual garbage. And that brilliant metaphysical education has been paid for by unending loans or your folks who want interest on that loan too. Fantastic.

Why not try something proactive? Blow up a government building every time Governor Schwarzenneger says, "Girly men," or refuse to file your taxes when your relative with an engineering degree has to wait tables because all the jobs have been sent to India because their engineers will work for chicken tikka instead of a proper salary.

Am I insighting people to action? Let me answer that with 30,000 words of bullshit!

Your education means nothing. Your experience means nothing. Employment provides us with libation and the hopes of empty dreams.

Is this any different from two centuries ago when we were practicing genocide to provide opportunity? Most likely not. War against Iraq for WMDs that everyone knew weren't there (oh, wait. The second largest oil field in the world), or war against Mexico to procure manifest destiny. People's stupidity is a given to those from the ruling class like certain presidents related to the British royal family. Gee, what power do they have? (Why didn't Neil Bush become governor of Colorado?). (Oh, and wait some trivia. Does anybody know the last country we actually declared war on? click here for answer and date.)

There will be no change because the majority of North Americans are schmucks.  Moronic, zombie-walking, vacuum assholes by the masses available by the pound pursuing pointless lives where they discuss the "true meaning of reality" instead of killing the heads of empires to live in proper nation states and be proactive about participating in the electoral process because folks have occupied themselves with such verbal/mental masturbation that we believe we live in democracies.

Sieg heil everyone. I live in a democratic society and "I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free." 

I watched Dick Cheney speak at the Republican National Convention and blurted out, "Timothy McVeigh was a patriot."

Please remember Hitler was 'elected' in a democracy.



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